Why you need social media savvy staff.

You need social media content to connect with your customers and drive engagement and sales. Traditional content created by marketing experts is still a powerful tool in your businesses arsenal. However, your social media savvy customers are increasingly seeing through high-end marketing and responding to content that is more focused on the social part of social media. Your staff are the experts that your customers trust. To build that trust allow your social media savvy staff to create content that engages with your customers.


The social media savvy customers that research products online are increasingly looking for authenticity in a brand rather than highly paid marketing advertising. Using staff members to create quality content ensures authenticity is front and centre. Customers engage with someone that they can relate to and they can trust.


A Company that allow staff to communicate directly with potential clients demonstrates that they are willing to take risks and have faith in the people at work for them. This approach to social marketing is more transparent and honest as a result.


Social media has the word social in it for a good reason, it is a means to communicate and connect with people. If customers see members of staff championing your business online they will feel they know these individuals and will look for them when interacting with your company. This gives your business personality beyond branding, customers can connect more genuinely with the things that you have to sell.

Social Media Savvvy Staff

Social Media Champions Group 1 Automotive

Back in 2017 Group 1 Automotive decided to trial giving their showrooms their own Facebook and Instagram accounts to connect with communities at a local level. Group 1 Automotive is the official showrooms for some iconic brands; Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes and Ford as well as many others.

I have provided training to the elected champions for each of the selected showrooms over the last 2 years. Helping individuals tasked with creating content understand what good content looks like, how to build that content around a clear brand voice, acting in the best interests of the company they are serving.

The result of this training has seen engagement with social content posted by the showrooms increase. Also, staff engagement has increased as they feel even more invested in these iconic brands.

Audi perfection
Social Media champions
Social Media Savvy Staff

Some examples of social media content created by the Audi Social Media Champions. Creating a community presence for the Brand and engaging with customers through authenticity.

Social media savvy training

Social media and content marketing:

This course is the starting point to create your own social media savvy staff. It teaches the basics of content marketing and helps staff involved understand what good content looks like, what engages with customers and how to maintain a brand voice. The training includes the company's social media and brand guidelines as well as tailoring it to the platforms that you want your staff to engage with.

Follow up coaching:

Following the initial training, I'm able to provide support to your champions on a one-to-one or small group basis. Meeting at regular intervals to ensure that the quality of content continues to be consistent, on-brand and customer-focused.

Refresher training:

Once your social media champions are established this refresher course will give them additional tools tips and help to drive even better content, reinforce your brand and social media messaging and maintaining a consistent, quality approach to customer interaction.

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The benefits of social media savvy staff

Leveraging your own staff to interact with your customers has a number of benefits.

  • Engagement with your customers is more direct and authentic than pure marketing content.
  • It demonstrates to existing and potential customers the experience, quality and expertise of your staff.
  • It creates further engagement with staff members involved in social media posts. They become more invested, interested and passionate about your brands.

What next

If you'd like to learn more about how I can help your company create social media savvy staff please get in touch using the contact us form below.