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My Approach

Michael Niles - My Mission

I aim to provide quality, engaging and fun training to help your business grow. Creating an environment that promotes a motivated and engaged workforce. Practical, Actionable and Relevant to your needs.

Our Story

My Background

I have always been fascinated with training in various business types. This lead to me branching out on my own to start Michael Niles Training and Media.

I spent 12 years as a corporate manager, leading and motivating teams in customer service and contact centre environments.

As a result, I can bring practical experience as well a quality training to businesses. My understanding of company structure and culture brings a grounded, practical training approach that fits your business.

Digital Marketing Training and Coaching

For the last 13 years, I have been supporting and advising businesses through training, coaching and 1-2-1 support.

My particular focus has been content marketing, content-based SEO and social media. This emerging market is utterly fascinating and important to any business. Best of all, with the right support and training, it can be done from within the company, adding real value to traditional marketing activities.

Check here for some of the training partners I have worked with

Google Digital Garage Coach

I am proud to represent Google as a Google Digital Garage Coach. This means I deliver the training sessions, seminars and coaching to support this excellent programme. Learn more about Google Digital Garage here.

My Approach

A huge part of training is creating an environment that allows learning. We learn better when we are relaxed and smiling.

As a result, I ensure that the courses and workshops I run are not only highly relevant but fun too. I firmly believe that if you are laughing you are learning.