Powerful Public Speaking

Public speaking skills are not just the area for performers and showoffs. It is a skill that is both learnable and vital for our growth and success. Public speaking workshops help you build those skills and shine in front of others.

The fact is that Glossophobia (fear of public speaking)  affects 20% of the United Kingdom and many more of us lack the confidence in our ability to engage with a group of people.

Preparation, practice and patience are your key skills to confidently presenting to an audience.

Public Speaking workshops

Why Public Speaking Skills Matter

There are many ways in which we come across public speaking; chairing meetings, delivering training, Job interviews and sales pitches to mention just a few.

Simple steps and good planning will keep you in control and confidently putting your point across. Helping you be heard and noticed and putting your experience, passion and skills in full view of those who need to see them.

Public Speaking Workshops

These workshops look at traditional and virtual public speaking and will help you to make a positive impression. The following areas can be covered either in short workshops of full training sessions.

  • Confident Public Speaking
  • How to Engage with People Online
  • Planning Online Content
  • Creating a Powerful Presentation
  • Simple Video Content
Public Speaking

To learn more about how I can support your business please get in touch for an informal conversation. Public speaking may never be your favourite thing to do, with the right training it can still be something you do brilliantly.

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