Employability Training for a Digital World

The manner in which we look for work is changing dramatically, partly due to the availability of digital platforms but also due to Covid-19. As a result, there is a real need for digitally focussed employability training.

With concern about what happens when furlough ends and potential redundancies sadly on the horizon it is more important than ever to start building a strong employable presence through traditional and digital methods.

The employability training I offer is practical and actionable. It comes for a managerial insight as I was a recruiting manager for 12 years and wrote recruitment processes for organisations. I know what a manager wants to see from an applicant and by the end of a course so will you.

Employability Training

Employability Course Content

Courses cover a number of job search skills that can be trained individually or as a full course.

  • Creating a Solid Interview Process
  • How to Interview Candidates
  • Crafting a CV and LinkedIn Profile
  • Interview Techniques
  • Finding and Selling your Skills

I believe that, sadly, there will be a significant need for this type of training over the next 6 to 12 months. Getting ahead of the game and building a positive platform for employment is time well spent.

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