Your Staff are the Best Content Creators

We trust our staff with our customers face to face and over the phone. We trust that they are the experts, know the customer well and our products better. So who better to create and feature in social content than the staff members our customers have social interactions with. The first step toward social media savvy staff is Social Media and Content Marketing training.

An understanding of social media platforms is essential, however more critical still is understanding how to create compelling content.


Social Media and Content Marketing Training

Any training for your staff can be totally bespoke to your businesses needs. However, the following is a rough guideline for a typical course.

Introduction to Content Marketing:

  • What is content marketing?
  • The principals of customer engagement?
  • How to differentiate your content?
  • Managing and planning content schedules.
  • The importance of staying on brand.

Social Media Marketing:

  • Introduction to the platform.
  • What are hashtags and how to use them?
  • The importance of variety in Content.
  • Repurposing content for different networks.
  • The importance of video.
  • Analytics and measuring success.

Feedback for Group 1 Auto Social Media Champions Training

Michael has done a number of Social Media workshops for our dealerships. The content of the course is perfect, explaining in simple terms how social media marketing works, the benefits of being accessible to our customers and the do’s and don’t’s of the different types of content. His training style is very engaging with bundles of energy. Each dealership that has completed the workshop has increased their social media presence with creative personalised posts that are engaging with our customers. Thanks Michael.

Lee Galloway - Brand Director at Beadles Jaguar Landrover

Social Media and Content Marketing Training

Practical Exercises and Interaction

This social media and content marketing course is based on practical experience. Your social media savvy staff will engage in practical exercises, discussions and activities that will give them the right tools to take action.

Once back in the workplace they can start to make a positive impact on your digital marketing. Demonstrating the very best of your company's expertise and passion.

To discover more about the whole program follow the links below.

How to Get Started

If you would like to learn more about social media and content marketing courses to create social media savvy staff I am happy to discuss options for you.

For this to have an impact it has to be tailored for your business. An off the shelf offering will one go so far.

Ask yourself these questions before getting in touch.

  • What networks do I want to use?
  • What are my brand guidelines?
  • Who are my most savvy and passionate staff?
  • Can I give them time to shine?
  • What does the company want to achieve?

I firmly believe, born out by the success at Group 1 Automotive, that this initiative can and will make a positive impact. Your staff will bring expertise, authority and authenticity to your social media interactions. This, aligned with a strong general marketing brief, will add value to your business, driving engagement not only with customers but your staff as well.

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