Follow Up Social Media Coaching

Once your staff have attended the social media and digital marketing course, they can reap the benefit of Follow Up Social Media coaching.

1-2-1 or small group coaching sessions can allow your social media savvy staff to build on their successes. Providing your business with greater quality and value from this initiative.

Follow up Social Media Coaching can also be used as an alternative to the training courses. If you have a smaller team or wish to trial first I can provide the coaching to get staff up to speed.

This also helps with succession planning and staff engagement. Projects like this allow staff to demonstrate and learn new skills that will be very useful to the business as a whole, as well as their personal development.

As with any of the training in this scheme, it can be highly bespoke to your needs, ensuring the highest level of impact. Some examples could be:

Social Media Leadership coaching:

Improve your lead champion's ability to lead and manage their social media savvy colleagues.

  • Basic leadership skills
  • Managing projects and deadlines
  • Maintaining brand and focus

Social Analytics:

Understanding analytics and how to use them to improve content.

  • What are analytics?
  • Key analytic statistics
  • How to use analytics to inform content

Managing and developing content:

Creating a long term plan and using tools to implement and manage their delivery.

  • Content planners
  • Creating evergreen content
  • Scheduling and management platforms
  • Repurposing content

Early-stage development:

Immediately following the training, coaching sessions to help embed the learning and implement it in the workplace.

  • Hands-on with the social media platforms
  • Identifying good content opportunities
  • Managing your social media time properly

What Next

Whether it is to follow up existing training or to kick start your social media savvy staff journey, get in touch and we can discuss your needs in more detail.



Helen Key - Audi Group Marketing Executive

Thank you for once again putting on an engaging and informative training session for our Social Media Champions. The feedback has been incredible and I am excited to see what the guys come up with off the back of the training. Thank you.

Social Media champions

An example of Audi staff creating content using a local influencer.

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